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Meet Our Team

meet the Grayling Fitness Team

At Grayling Fitness, we work every day at being the best team possible for our members. You will work with all of our Team at some point while you are working out here. The programs we are designing will be developed based on your goals. Each program will change every 4 to 6 weeks and our team will always be striving to bring our best to your day. Check our team members' bios below. If you have have any problems or questions in regards to your training program or schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Richard Ferrigan Owner of Grayling Fitness Center


Born and raised a "Michigan Man," Richard has been in the fitness industry for most of his life.  He comes from the old school style of learning; by exploring the process and always believing in the thought that opening your mind to new ideas and learning is a never ending journey.  With over 20 years of experience competing in bodybuilding shows, Richard has the extensive firsthand knowledge of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle, coupled with his formal training through studies in exercise physiology, massage therapy and performance nutrition.

During his career as a fitness coach, Richard has coached a variety of clientele;  from the professional level to the general population of all age groups.  Always learning and growing is reflected in our core values at Grayling Fitness Center.

"If it is important, do it every day, if it isn’t, don’t do it at all."

~ Dan Gable, Olympic Gold Medalist.


Laura Fitzpatrick specialty coach


Laura has been a Grayling Fitness member since 2008. She has been in the service industry all her life, working in mortgage sales and a lifetime caregiver to everyone who has had the fortune to cross her life path. Laura join the Grayling Fitness team as "the cleaning lady” if the vacuum is on she is in the building."

She is now our Team Coach for SilverSneakers one of our largest group training workouts she leads one of the longest running SilverSneaker classes in Michigan. Energetic and Ageless, she brings the sense of humor to fitness that’s priceless.

Laura has been an “Up North” transplant for 16 years. She has been working here with Grayling Fitness for 6 years. Grayling Fitness helped her get a first place finish in her very first Warrior Dash in ever and in overcoming a few fears in the process!

COACH CANDACE REAUX                                                                             

Grayling Fitness Center Coach

CANDACE REAUX- Coach & TRX Certified Trainer


Candace has been with the Grayling Fitness Team since 2011.

Her passion for health and fitness made it an easy decision to become a TRX Certified Coach in 2012 and has completed the internship program at Grayling Fitness.

A true Coach at heart, she strives to ensure everyone that comes to Grayling Fitness Center is welcomed into our family. Her goal everyday is to keep everybody challenged and reaching their goal along with a smile on their faces.

Candace has always accepted the challenges that face her. She continues to educate herself and the clients she serves. Relentless on finding the silver lining in every situation.


Grayling Fitness Center Massage Therapist

KATE CARLSON-Team Member/Massage Therapist


Kate has been with Grayling Fitness Center for over 10 years. She graduated from Kirtland Community College with over 600 hours study in Massage Therapy; specializing in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage.

Kate works with many of our local athletics to provide guidance on proper recovery with soft tissue bodywork.

Kate believes in the importance of giving back and continues to volunteer for Relay for Life and St Jude's Warriors for many years. Teaming up with Grayling Fitness Center, she has inspired others to do the same!  She has become an excellent part of the Team here.