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Facebook Post by Thomas Plummer

Eight signs you may be getting older: #1…. You have to warmup for 15 minutes prior to sex, which doesn’t last as long as the warmup. #2…. You go out to dinner and realize that maybe 6:00 is too early. #3…. You get out of bed and stuff hurts you injured 25 years ago. #4…. Advil is now your drug of choice, with a little wine. #5…. Raging all night now means you stayed up until 10:30 to watch Jimmy Fallon. #6…. You move into a smaller condo so your kids can never move home again. #7…. Your conversation in the gym is now centered on, “I used to be somebody.” #8…. You look over your shoulder in the mirror and wonder what happened to your butt. Finally, you know you are getting older when you find yourself holding a giant white running shoe at the store and thinking, “These would look nice with my high waisted jeans.”

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