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What is the 21-Day SuperShred Program, you ask? It’s a combination of working out in short bursts of high intensity exercises now with STRENGTH TRAINING and balancing your eating habits for a faster and easier way to burn fat and inches off your bodies in only 21 days. Guaranteed.

There are NO GIMMICKS and this is NOT A DIET. Working with my clients recently, I have discovered the key to sustained weight loss success. It’s a tried and true formula to help people just like you shed unwanted pounds and get the lean body you’ve always wanted.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet! The entire program only lasts 21 days and the results, YOUR RESULTS, will be so AMAZING that you will wonder why you didn’t try this years ago!

Space is limited and I can only offer this program to those of you who are ready and willing to make a difference today. Are you ready to dedicate the next 21 days to burning as much fat as you can?

There are literally thousands of diet and exercise programs out there that only work for a handful of people. Trust me. I’ve seen enough of them to know that guarantees of results cannot be promised. Until now.  The 21-Day SuperShred Program works and the results speak for themselves. Don’t miss your chance. Reserve your spot today!

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Eight signs you may be getting older: #1…. You have to warmup for 15 minutes prior to sex, which doesn’t last as long as the warmup. #2…. You go out to dinner and realize that maybe 6:00 is too early. #3…. You get out of bed and stuff hurts you injured 25 years ago. #4…. Advil is now your drug of choice, with a little wine. #5…. Raging all night now means you stayed up until 10:30 to watch Jimmy Fallon. #6…. You move into a smaller condo so your kids can never move home again. #7…. Your conversation in the gym is now centered on, “I used to be somebody.” #8…. You look over your shoulder in the mirror and wonder what happened to your butt. Finally, you know you are getting older when you find yourself holding a giant white running shoe at the store and thinking, “These would look nice with my high waisted jeans.”

Feel Good Every Day

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At the heart of your life is how you feel day-to-day. Take care of your body and you will be rewarded with less illness and a good mental attitude. And guess what? You will get better results with your personal life goals. Years ago, at a workshop Richard Branson (Founder Virgin Air) was asked “What is the number one tip you can give people for your success?” His answer was “working out every day.”

At Grayling Fitness Center we recognize the importance of how your lifestyle can work in harmony with your fitness goals. We will guide you step-by-step through a process that will help you to reach your goals while staying inspired and satisfied. You can set up your evaluation session here.

In the mean time here are three things you can start today to get the ball rolling. Continue reading

Friendly Personal Attention

It’s a good idea to remove all barriers to your success. We can help you with that.

With over 20+ years of experience working with hundreds of people we know the importance of feeling safe in your personal workout space. We take great pride in making sure you feel 100% happy with your environment.

Part of sticking with your program is getting personal attention when you most need it. We have your back! Each individual has unique needs and we will be right there to support your questions and concerns.